Glenn Beck exploits tragedy to attack atheism

I don’t think it’s a secret that I don’t care much for Glenn Beck. In fact, he’s high up on my list of people who, despite my being a non-violent person, I will punch in the face if ever in my presence. The man just sells fear. And though for a while I wasn’t entirely sure whether he was certifiably insane or just a charlatan performing a schtick, I more recently have come down more on the latter, which is infinitely worse.

Well after already accusing Barack Obama of being a racist, now Beck has sunk to a new low, arbitrarily blaming atheism for a gang killing:

Some atheists are responding on YouTube:

Others like myself have written the show with our complaints and contacted the show’s sponsors threatening to boycott their products. Which companies are sponsoring Beck’s show, you ask? (Yes, that that I’ve blogged about before)
Egg Genie (203) 567-1139

Don’t let people like Beck get away with such slander. Fight back. Hit them where it hurts. . .their sponsors.


2 Responses to Glenn Beck exploits tragedy to attack atheism

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