News From Around The Blogosphere 10.10.09

1. Newly re-elected Albuquerque city councilperson Don Harris apologizes to atheists – Then again, that’s not really an apology so much as a promise to remain in denial of our existence.

creationism-cartoon-i-will-not-teach-horse-shit2.California Science Center renegs on – After receiving a ton of criticism for their total thoughtlessness in granting creationists permission to screen their propaganda film Darwins Dilemma, the California Science Center cancelled the screening, citing contract violations. Though the creationists suspect that was just an excuse. And for once, I agree with them. But as long as the California Science Center isn’t screening creationist propaganda, I’m happy. 🙂

3. It’s been over 36 hours after I received my seasonal flu vaccine and so far I’m not an cancerous, autistic, Gulf War Syndrome-infected participant in the zombie apocalypse. Of course, you never kn–BRAINS! BRAINS!


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