Dr. Oz does good. It must be Monday.

Yesterday, I went off on Dr. Oz for a video I saw where he said some factually incorrect things about autism, which Age of Autism seemed to love (never a good sign).

But today, I actually want to thank Oz for some recent good he’s done trying to promote vaccination.

Now the really, really odd part is that the YouTube account that posted these 2 videos either belongs to medical quack “Dr.” Mercola or some fan of his. So I guess this is meant to discredit Oz in the minds of Mercola’s audience even though whoever uploaded it didn’t add any commentary.

But I guess when you’ve got people this nuts who just KNOW “The Truth” with absolute certainty, no commentary is needed. The comments section in both videos is full of pure rage against Oz with constant shouts of the “Big Pharma Shill” Gambit.

And what I found most amusing because it shows just how delusional these people are was that in that second video, numerous commenters insist that despite being shown very clearly as Dr. Oz gets vaccinated themselves, that he didn’t really get vaccinated. One person claimed it the vaccine was palmed even though we actually see the injection in close-up. I don’t think they actually know what palming is. If you don’t know, I suggest you watch a REAL demonstration of a magician palming something before an audience & camera (see 4 minutes into the video).

This just shows similar these kooks are to other denialist groups like the Obama Birthers. The Birthers kept asking to see Obama’s birth certificate. And then after it was shown to them and they saw it with their own eyes, they still denied it. And to this day, they continually insist on seeing the birth certificate, which they claim has never been shown, yet anyone who bothers to Google “Obama birth certificate” can now see it any time they want.

With the anti-vaccinationists, I kept hearing them say they wanted to see the doctors themselves get them. In fact, there’s a common gambit they use all the time where they bring up a statistic that 1/3 of doctors don’t get themselves vaccinated. Of course this would mean that 2/3 do, but never let small details like that get in the way of a good nonsensical denialist argument. Now here we clearly see a doctor vaccinated on camera. . .AND IT’S STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM! They just come up with a new excuse like, there was nothing in the vaccine or it didn’t really penetrate his skin, blah, blah, blah.

That’s why it doesn’t pay to try and rationally answer the arguments of crazy people. It won’t convince them. In fact, being proven wrong just manages to convince them of their delusion even more.

But it was a good try, Dr. Oz.


2 Responses to Dr. Oz does good. It must be Monday.

  1. Howdy says:

    Mercola is mostly interested in hawking his overpriced products so he can tan his butt in Hawaii and buy even more expensive properties in Illinois. The guy’s a narcissistic snake oil salesman leading a group of gullible and vulnerable individuals by their pocketbooks. Oh, and he’s probably a hacker, too. IMO. (My disclaimer just as he adds his wormy words to keep him out of the courts.)

    What a freak.

  2. […] really had many nice things to say about him, but there was that one time a few months back where I gave him a little credit for defending the H1N1 vaccine and showing his support by getting it himself on live television (which reminds me, it’s now […]

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