Religious conservative on trial for murdering sister and spouse because they didn’t invite him over for Christmas

Edward Wycoff, a conservative Christian, is on trial because in 2006, he planned and carried out the murders of his sister and her husband because, according to a prosecutor, they were too liberal, were raising their children wrong, and because they hadn’t invited him over for Christmas.

How much did he plan the murders in advance? He got Lasik surgery as well as night-vision goggles so he could find his way around the house.

He also purposefully picked the date for the killings – Jan. 31, 2006 – Peterson said in Contra Costa County Superior Court in Martinez. That was 20 years to the day after Wycoff’s grandmother, whom he hated, left his home after breaking her hip, the prosecutor said.

Wycoff regarded his grandmother as “evil” and thought his life improved considerably after she left, Peterson said. Because he believed the couple had also been making his life miserable, he chose that date to break into their home on Rifle Range Road overlooking Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, stab them repeatedly with a knife and bludgeon them with a wheelbarrow handle, Peterson said in his opening statement in Wycoff’s murder trial.

Although Wycoff was also armed with a gun, he didn’t use it because he didn’t want to boost the cause of gun-control supporters, the prosecutor said.

He didn’t want to boost the cause of gun-control supporters, so he murdered his victims on Rifle Range Road. Makes sense.

Wycoff also admitted to the jury that he still hates the couple “a little.” But the absolute best statement he made is this:

“They owe me a life,” he said. “This has ruined my life, and Julie and Paul owe me for that.”

Yeah, who do those murder victims think they are? How dare they ruin his life like that?! It wasn’t just Christmas but they didn’t invite this murderous lunatic over for Thanksgiving either! I hate stuck up people like that who won’t invite you over just because you hate them and plot to murder them! Inconsiderate bastards!

“When someone does that, they hate you – they’re out to destroy you,” Wycoff said.

Yeah, I’m with you, buddy. Clearly it was they who were out to destroy you.

In an interview from jail after the slayings, Wycoff, who is 6 foot 5 and weighs 300 pounds, said he had tried to disguise himself during the killings by wearing a motorcycle helmet and attaching a ponytail with his late mother’s hair.

In a poem, Wycoff wrote, “My sister, I gutted her like a fish,” Peterson said.

“And in fact, he did,” the prosecutor added, “and he’s proud of it.”

. . .

At the close of his remarks, Wycoff told the “few fans” in the gallery to contact his advisory attorney, David Briggs, if they wanted autographs.

Clearly, the guy is insane so his politics & religious views can’t be completely blamed for these killings. But as always, I wonder if he would have gotten this far if people could better distinguish a homocidal maniac from a more typical religious conservative.


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  1. beneficii says:

    Holy moly.

    As for madness, check this out:

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