What book are Christians burning now?

The Amazing Grace Baptist Church in North Carolina has decided to organize an annual book burning around Halloween. So yes, they are celebrating Halloween, only in their own fascist, Nazi-like way. Among the many books they intend to burn is the Bible. I’m not joking:

Yes, apparently “God” didn’t write the Bible; he just cribbed off of thousands of older versions and decided to copy it all into his native language, English.

One Response to What book are Christians burning now?

  1. Kristi says:

    There is a reason this church only has 14 members. This pastor is completely out of touch with reality. I don’t expect his church to grow and he shouldn’t either. I believe there will be tears running down Gods cheeks when he sees all the bibles, devotionals, and learning tools being burned. This pastor might as well just burn a cross. He states the King James for english speaking people is the only real bible. Well what if you don’t speak english? And I don’t believe english was the chosen language where Christ was born and where he began his ministry as the son of God. This is blasphemy to God’s name and this pastor should have his lisence revoked if he even has one!! The bible talkes about false leaders and false teachers. Beware of this. Why choose a day like halloween to burn bibles? That is exactly what satan wants and it’s sad that people could buy into this being what God would want. Satan will use Halloween to corrupt even the church!! And this pastor is allowing it! I read the NIV version and if I had to read only the King James version I wouldn’t be able to understand it enough for it to keep my attention. The bible has been printed so many times including the King James version but if you compare it with any other version they all mean the same thing. This pastor has not done his homework and I am going to pray that this church does not grow. God’s people need not be corrupted by a man who say’s he’s preaching God’s word but will turn around and burn it! This is incredibly sad!! I have read books by some of the authors he says are demonic. Obviously he hasn’t because there isn’t a shred of any demonic evidence. Burning bibles however is demonic!!!

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