Controversial atheist subway ads come to NYC

Today, if you live in the NYC area, you almost couldn’t escape the news about the oh, so controversial atheist ads that will be popping up in NYC subway stations starting next week. The NY Times wrote about it. The local Fox website wrote about it. The Gothamist wrote about it. On TV, the local ABC news briefly talked about it at six o’clock and eleven o’clock. My friend Michael De Dora, who heads up the Manhattan branch of the Center For Inquiry, is being quoted left and right about the super-duper controversial NYC atheist subway ads.

So what does a controversial advertisement have to say in order to get some serious media attention?

“A Million New Yorkers Are Good Without God. Are You?”

The horror. The horror. Okay, those militant atheists have gone too far now. Next they’re going to be telling us that you can be black and a good person all at the same time. When will it end?!

Seriously though, all this press its getting is great. The ads are promoting the website, which lists numerous local groups affiliated with the Coalition of Reason, the umbrella organization that coordinated the campaign. And even though the ads won’t even be up until next Monday, I wouldn’t be surprised if the site has been seeing a massive rise in traffic. The Friendly Atheist also blogged about this story.

Like the last NYC bus campaign from a few months  ago, the $25,000 that paid for this ad was paid for by an anonymous donor. So I wonder if once again, the anonymous donor will enrage Keith Olbermann like it did last time because apparently, few things piss off Keith Olbermann more than selfless generosity. How dare someone give money to a cause they believe in and not reveal their identity? What kind of sick monster would do such a thing?!


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