‘Psychic’ Laurie Levin on The View

Psychic lies cost moneySelf-described “psychic” Laurie Levin gave Barbara Walters a reading and came on The View to sell her new book of nonsense. Surprisingly, there actually was some good skepticism represented there, though of course not nearly as much as I’d like. Walters did put Levin on the spot by announcing that the reading she received was wrong but then she let Levin get away with a ridiculous cop-out answer without argument. Lazy. And would it have killed them to have mentioned Randi and the Million Dollar Challenge? Randi’s been on the show before and has specifically addressed this talking to the dead nonsense as well as other “psychic” tricks. And Barbara has known Randi for many years. Now I understand that even if they asked Randi to come on, his health problems probably would have kept him from appearing, but surely they could have tried to get a skeptic to balance things out. My suggestions:  Derren Brown, Banachek, Mark Edwards, Robert Lancaster, or Richard Wiseman.


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