Bill Donohue’s pissed again. As is Michael Savage

That’s right. Child Rapist Apologist Bill Donohue is pissed off at something. I swear, if I had a penny for every time this happened, I’d be a rich man. Wasn’t it only a week ago that he The Simpsons outraged him?

So what’s made baby Jesus cry now? Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David has mocked religion before in the show (for instance, here, here, here, and here). But I guess Donohue only cares when its his religion that’s being mocked.

But Donohue’s not the only one. Michael Savage (yeah, that Michael Savage) also attacked Larry David, who he refers to as a “self-hating Jew,” “insane,” and somehow an “anti semite.”

The guy complains that Seinfeld teaches people that all Jews are like Woody Allen stereotypes despite not watching Seinfeld. . .obviously. He then mischaracterized Curb Your Enthusiasm, another show that he doesn’t watch, claiming that “the only Christian in the show” is depicted as fat and stupid, etc. The only Christian in the show? What?! Right off the top of my head, David’s on-screen wife Cheryl is a Christian. She was in the episode and was neither depicted as fat nor stupid. I’m pretty damned sure Ted Danson’s not Jewish. And he’s in almost every other episode of the show. Though I don’t recall seeing him in this particular episode, he was in the previous episode. And there are countless non-Jews in Curb Your Enthusiasm. And they’re not depicted as all fat and stupid. And let’s be fair here. Similar cases to the one mocked in the show really do happen.

Then Michael Savage says something else incredibly ignorant and stupid (I know. Shocker) by using the old Donohue “they only mock Christianity because they’re afraid to mock Islam” gambit. Which is of course absurd considering Larry David HAS MOCKED ISLAM IN THE SHOW!!!

Oh, I am outraged, Mike. I’m outraged that your bullshit is allowed on the air. It’s not Larry David that makes Jews look bad. You make humanity look bad, you hypocritical, self-righteous ass-clown!


One Response to Bill Donohue’s pissed again. As is Michael Savage

  1. Michael says:

    Bill Donahue doesn’t have the intelligence of the worm I accidently stepped on in my driveway this morning

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