News From Around The Blogosphere 10.29.09

1. 69% ain’t afraid of no ghosts – A new survey found that 69% of people would live with ghosts for significantly reduced rent. And 51% would live with a ghost in exchange for free rent. Now given that my status as a skeptic gives me 100% ghost-haunting immunity, if anyone knows where I can get free or reduced rent in NYC because the place is haunted, let me know (I’m serious. Let me know).

2. Church posing as councelling center is shutting down

The ABC understands that the consumer watchdog ACCC has been investigating Mercy Ministries, after media reports that young women seeking psychological and medical support were instead essentially enrolled in a Bible program.

Some young women say they could not leave the treatment centre and that staff would “exorcise” them.

But Mercy Ministries denies those claims.

According to its website, Mercy Ministries is a Christian organisation that helps young women suffering from eating disorders, self-harm, abuse, addictions or an unwanted pregnancy.

3. Religious vandals again prove not to be very bright – Last week I’d posted about the poorly thought out vandalism to the atheist billboard in Moscow, Idaho in which, instead of just crossing out the “out” in the slogan “Millions are good without God,” they crossed out the whole word “without.” Amateurs. Well now another billboard put up by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has been vandalized by equally inept vandals:

I don’t know what offends me more, that they vandalized the billboard, which can be viewed as a hate crime, or that they didn’t put the word “FAGS” over the crossed out “Religion” as to change the sign to read:  “Keep fags out of government.” Just sloppy work. But the FFRF isn’t laughing. They’re offering a $1000 reward to anyone with information as to who’s responsible.

4. Daren Lee of “The Zeitgeist Movement” wins a grammar contest – I suspect that it was his misuse of the word “ironic” that really tipped the scales ultimately in his favor.



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