Michael Jackson’s ghost to steal Janet Jackson’s spotlight

Michael Jackson’s ghost is  stealing the spotlight from:

Janet Jackson has just announced that she will be interviewed on ABC News on Nov. 18, where she will discuss the death of her brother, Michael. Unfortunately for Janet, she has been usurped by her deceased sibling, who is set to “appear” live on British television this Friday (Nov. 6) in a broadcast of a séance that will attempt to summon his spirit.

Michael Jackson: The Live Séance will be shown on Sky1 in the U.K., and the hour-long show promises to give fans a chance “to connect with their hero one last time.” According to Sky1 publicist Kirsty Howell, British psychic Derek Acorah will attempt to capitalize on Michael’s death…or, as she puts it, contact Michael’s spirit, “on an island … in a secret location familiar to Jackson.”

Oh, the idiocy! But wait. I’m confused. If Michael Jackson isn’t going anywhere, how can they promise it’ll be the “last time” fans will have a chance to communicate with him. Michael Jackson is sending me a message right now in fact and he says that’s just a cheap marketing ploy. I agree, MJ. What’s that, MJ? You don’t expect the “psychic” to say anything that isn’t either already out there in the public domain about you or any new information that is falsifiable? I think you’re right. Your lucky numbers are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.


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