Religious attack atheist billboards verbally and illegally

1. I blogged about the atheist billboard that was vandalized in Moscow, Idaho about two weeks ago:

Though I have to smile at the fact that they couldn’t even vandalize the thing right. Millions are good God? What?! Now an intelligent vandal might have just blackened the second half of the word “without” forming the slogan:  “Millions are good with God.” That would at least be a sentence. Oh, stupid, easily offended vandals!

Well, the replacement billboard went up and it seems like it didn’t take long at all for the vandals to strike again, this time taking my grammar advice:

2. Then there’s the billboard that went up in Nashville with the incredibly inoffensive slogan:  “Not religious? You’re not alone.” It turns out that somehow even that ad offended some people, so much so that they called up the number on the billboard and left some unintentionally hilarious voicemail messages:


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