Here she is, Miss Hypocrisy!

I’ve blogged about the Christian Persecution Complex before in relation to the former Miss. California, Carrie Prejean. She made her bigotry known and lost the crown when judges saw how ugly she was on the inside. But it wasn’t her fault; it was those damned liberals!

Then she defended her bigotry with self-righteous platitudes of her strong, traditional, Christian values while America and the pageant committee learned that she’d violated the rules of the pageant and the “Christian value” of modesty by posing for sexually explicit photos, not showing up for pageant-scheduled appearances, and appearing on political programs that weren’t approved by the pageant committee. But it wasn’t her fault; it was those damned liberals!

And now that “her” book, which no doubt is filled with more of her self-righteousness is coming out while controversy ignites over  a authenticated “sex tape” (though not actual sex apparently) of her has reached the press, that too apparently isn’t her fault. It’s those damned liberals!

Yeah, how dare all those evil liberals point out my hypocrisies and expect me to accept responsibility for my actions! Wah! Wah! Wah! Liberals! Wah!

Glad to see that Fox clearly brought out their most objective reporter to interview her. He only wrote the forward of her book. Whereas Ann Coulter probably wrote the rest of it. But is there any doubt that this girl could have committed first degree murder and Hannity would be defending it as a minor childhood indiscretion?

We get it. Nothing’s ever your fault and you should never be held responsible for your own behavior, regardless of how much your actions directly challenge the holier-than-thou personna that you’ve invented to further your celebrity. You can do no wrong, Carrie. Because you’re just a stupid kid, and because you love Jesus, and because no matter what you do, it can never be as bad as criticizing you about it. Nothing’s ever your fault. It’s all Them!


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