You’re killin’ me, Bill

I think Orac has captured this feeling perfectly when embedding the “Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in!” clip on his blog. I really thought that now that Real Time with Bill Maher has wrapped up its season, I wouldn’t have to talk about Bill Maher’s insane pseudo-scientific ramblings for awhile. I mean I felt like I’d said pretty much everything I had to say already in the span of three articles (here, here, and here). Obviously I thought I was through after the second of those articles as I prematurely titled it “Final thoughts on the Bill Maher controversy.”

But alas, after much criticism from the scientific and skeptical communities, as well as an open letter politely explaining the science of vaccines written by Michael Shermer, Bill continues his campaign of ignorance as many of us feared.

Now I fortunately don’t have to spend much time on this one because just about everyone in the medical, general scientific, and skeptical blogging communities have responded to Maher’s latest bullshit, including of course Orac over at Respectful Insolence as well as a point-by-point take-down by Steve Novella. Also commenting on the story and linking to Orac & Novella’s blogs are President of the James Randi Educational Foundation Phil Plait; PZ Myers; and my fellow Gotham Skeptic, Page.

Of course, the anti-vaccine loons at Age of Autism love Bill Maher now. He’s their new hero. Congrats Bill. Hope you like your new friends, because you’ve burned all your bridges with the rational community as you’ve revealed yourself to be no more rational than Ben Stein, Jenny McCarthy, and Tom Cruise. Hope it was worth it.

Please join me in contacting Sam Harris’ Reason Project and insisting they remove Maher from their advisory board. As long as he represents them, The Reason Project will get no support from me.


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