Bigger breasts without implants?

And speaking of the female body, I couldn’t resist reporting this story I came across about a possible alternative to breast implants:

A revolutionary new breast-growing technique, Neopac, will be available to some breast cancer survivors in trials starting in January, according to the Daily Mail. And within a decade, cosmetic surgeons may open up the treatment to all women who want to amplify their cleavage, the paper reports.

The surgery could replace breast reconstruction and implants soon, says the Daily Telegraph.

The operation already has succeeded in pigs, which grew new breasts in just six weeks, according to the Telegraph.

This last part should make Kermit the Frog very happy. I know I like my pigs with giant knockers.

In the procedure, pioneered at the Australian Bernard O’Brien Institute of Microsurgery, a breast-shaped chamber is inserted under the chest skin, according to the Daily Mail. It contains a sample of the woman’s fat tissue that is connected to a blood vessel. Within eight months, fat tissue grows and fills the chamber.

As Carl Sagan wrote, science delivers the goods.


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