One Nation Under Will Phillips

I blogged about Will Phillips the other day. He’s the 10-year-old who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in school because of the lack of marriage equality in the U.S. He’s already got several Facebook Fan Pages like this one. And he adorably appeared on CNN the other night:

I also blogged about Daniel Royston, the Wasilla, Alaska high schooler who, inspired by Will Phillips, also refused to stand for the Pledge.

Well, now there’s Roxanne Westover, a 17-year-old from Ohio who also now made news for not standing for the Pledge after learning in her history class that she didn’t have to:

“I’m an atheist, and I believe the pledge isn’t something toward our nation,” she said. “It’s more like a religious oath, and I believe that if I stand I’m still participating in it.”

And like with the previous cases, she’s being punished for doing so, despite the fact that such punishments are violating their civil rights. The ACLU contacted the school, so now it looks like there won’t any further punishment from school administrators at least.

Westover said she encourages others with similar beliefs to stand up for them by sitting down.

“I do encourage students to not stand up and to stand up for what they believe in,” she said. “Even throughout the whole entire thing, I had a lot of people backing me up who felt the same way about it.”

Roxanne made a point to say that her actions have nothing to do with Will Phillips but that she supports his actions.


One Response to One Nation Under Will Phillips

  1. han says:

    I love these kids.
    BTW, the Daily Show did a segment about Will Phillips last night and, to my delight, a pro wrestler (didn’t catch the name) came on stage and threatened to pulverize any kid who called Will a “gaywad”. Made my night.

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