The face of Islam in Pakistan

This is what Islam does to women in Pakistan:


And this is the least graphic of the 12 images of Pakistani women who have had acid thrown in their faces that can be found in the link above.

Warning. The images in the link are NFSW and extremely graphic.


3 Responses to The face of Islam in Pakistan

  1. Mark P says:

    Not Islam. It is what Pakistani men do to Pakistani women. Also seen in Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc.

    But importantly, also seen in people from those places who are not Moslem.

    It’s not like the Hindus didn’t have suttee, or the Chinese didn’t bind feet.

    This is important. If you try to fight this as being fundamental to Islam then you make the fight much more difficult. You allow the bigots who do this sort of thing to hide behind their religion – they become morally upright, rather than dismissed as the scum they are. If you fight this as a perversion of Islam, then you fill find the fight much easier to win.

    Negro slavery was not fought by claiming that it was what Christianity did to blacks. It was fought, in large amount, by the Churches pointing out that it was unChristian.

    Not everything needs to be a crusade!

    • mjr256 says:

      I agree with Sun. You would not see this in any non-Muslim nation on Earth. I quote the New York Times op-ed columnist Nicholas Kristof, who traveled to Pakistan last year to write about acid attacks:

      “I’ve been investigating such acid attacks, which are commonly used to terrorize and subjugate women and girls in a swath of Asia from Afghanistan through Cambodia (men are almost never attacked with acid). Because women usually don’t matter in this part of the world, their attackers are rarely prosecuted and acid sales are usually not controlled. It’s a kind of terrorism that becomes accepted as part of the background noise in the region. …”

  2. sun says:

    The difference between islam & others is that the islamic nation states & commoners perpetuates this barbarity in the name of islam & quote from the book to uphold these acts whereas others are recognising the faults & making strict rules & regulations to abolish them … this is the difference & i am sure as a muslim u would’nt want to accept this.

    Suttee has been abolished in india except probably for a stray incident somewhere without any proof to authenticate.
    Slavery has been abolished
    Chinese have changed their society

    Can muslims change anything .. NO .. till such time u guys accept book is primitive & sharia is primitive

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