News From Around The Blogosphere 11.23.09

1. Catholic Church tries to extort the U.S. government…again – It seems like it was only a week or two ago that the Catholic Church gave Washington the ultimatum that they could either oppose gay marriage or lose one of their faith-based charities (because the Catholic Church cares so much for the poor for reasons other than as pawns in their political games). But now they’re barred Representative Patrick Kennedy from receiving a communion wafer because of his stance on abortion. Sounds like it may be time to reignite Crackergate.

2. Yet another former $cientology speaks out – This just isn’t CoS’ year (nor was last). They can’t seem to catch a break. Last week, Australian senator Nick Xenophon publicly challenged their tax exempt status and called them a criminal organization. And now Aaron Saxton, a former “enforcer of the Church of Scientology’s policies in the Sea Org, has done an interview. If you still don’t think $cientology needs to be destroyed after reading this interview, then you’re insane.

3. Arkansas Society of Freethinkers’ holiday display denied second year in a row – And they weren’t even given a reason.


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