News From Around The Blogosphere 11.30.09

1. Girl in Sudan lashed 50 times for wearing a skirt – After just blogging about Saudi Arabia’s increased commitment to putting those accused of being witches to death, here comes another example of why the Islamic-dominated world is insane. This girl, Silva Kashif, was 16 years old and was lashed FIFTY TIMES because she wore a skirt! Let that sink in for a moment. Then ask yourself whether your own problems really are really all that bad.

2. Switzerland bans Islamic minarets – While I’m no fan of Islam, this population-driven initiative seems to just be a bigoted attack on free expression and has more to do with hating Muslims as people more than an attack on their demented ideology. If they wanted to ban the burqa, I’d be torn on the issue but at least I could understand it. This just seems to be bigotry, plain and simple. The arguments for this action aren’t even coherent.

3. Rick Warren Won’t Condemn Proposed Ugandan Law To Kill GaysYesterday, I blogged about the proposed law in Uganda that would put HIV+ gays to death and how it was linked directly to the The Family. Well now Rick Warren’s under fire for refusing to condemn this insanity despite having some influence with the guy pushing the agenda in the first place. Warren says it’s his job as a paster to remain impartial on matters of public policy, however, this is the guy who called abortion “a holocaust.” Though I suppose if 6 million gays instead of Jews died in the Holocaust, Warren wouldn’t have minded.


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