World AIDS Day

I thought about linking to some sites debunking HIV/AIDS Denialist myths today but I decided to just post this great video instead:

Oh, alright. Here are some great HIV/AIDS Denialist debunking materials as well:

Debunking denialist myths |
AIDS Denialism vs. Science
AIDS Denial is Pseudoscience
The Strange World of Conspiracy Theories by Paul S. Boyer
Nature Reviews “Denying AIDS: Conspiracy Theories, Pseudoscience, and Human Tragedy
HIV Denial in the Internet Era by Tara C. Smith & Steven P. Novella
Pity poor Peter Duesberg; even Medical Hypotheses has dissed him by Orac
HIV/AIDS denialists do it too! by David Gorski
Science Daily – HIV’s Ancestors May Have Plagued First Mammals


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