News From Around The Blogosphere 12.4.09

1. Sexiest scam I’ve seen all day – DETOX PANTS!!! – Debenhams has launched Peachy Body Pants, the ‘cellulite-busting pants’.  How it works seems to involve green tea as an anti-oxidant and of course the removal of toxins (always with the toxins). The secret of these magical pants is that, like every other pair of pants, they don’t help against cellulite.

Polyamide Meryl Skinlife (whose acronym is the not very attractive PMS) ‘accumulates and transfers moisture to the surface of the filaments [which] allows it to easily absorb and transport perspiration.’ It’s also ‘the first bacteriostatic microfibre’ according to a specialist textile website.

So PMS pants help prevent a nasty sweaty crotch full of tiny living things, which is a blessing if you’re going to be wearing them eight hours a day for 21 days. You really don’t want festive thrush.

But they sure are nice to look at on the model.

2. Scienceblogs and National Geographic merger – The greatest source for science blogs on the web is joining forces with National Geographic. The folks at Age of Autism are going to love that. I just wish I could be there and see their faces when they hear the news. I’d pay real money to see that.

3. The most egg-cellent Jesus pareidolia yet –

Yes, clearly two intersecting lines is far too intricate a pattern to be explained by chance alone. So once again, can Bill “I love child rapists” Donohue and Michael “autism’s make believe” Savage please explain to me again why that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode was so offensive?


One Response to News From Around The Blogosphere 12.4.09

  1. Morimoto says:

    Eliminating cellulite is not a walk in the park, but the end result is worth the effort! The work you exert eliminating cellulite will also make you look and feel younger so you get a lot more then just better looking hips!

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