Jesse Ventura: how to destroy one’s reputation in one hour

This is just embarrassing. The only measurable goal here is whether or not Ventura claims to have been convinced of something sinister. Speculative conclusions are no substitute for empirical evidence and they never will be. This is schlocky, fear-mongering crap that appeals to paranoid conspiracy nuts (just look at the tags used on the YouTube page) and fortunately, no legitimate news source would run such a ridiculous, half-assed investigation.

And Ventura’s closing thoughts are a joke. He says he’s fine with missile defense systems but messing with nature is going too far? Really Jesse? You have no problems with atomic bombs but you draw the line at unproven, dubious, speculative claims about government-made rainstorms?

His “UNLESS THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE” line is transparent as well as the epitome of delusional thinking and bad journalism. If he was a Navy Seal, how is it possible that he doesn’t understand how the whole classified system works? Different officers have access to different facilities and former soldiers who are no longer active have access to nothing, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE, Jesse. This isn’t rocket science. It’s common fucking knowledge. Jesse knows this is standard procedure and is deliberately implying this is more than standard procedure and even sinister. Can Jimmy Carter just stroll into any government or military facility in the country at any time just to look around? Of course not. And he was the president! Jesse was just some Navy Seal. He’d be denied access to even the restroom in a military facility. Jesse’s going to have to reenlist to get his clearance back.

Further, while Jesse seems to think controlling the weather is so easy, no known scientist in the world has ever come close. If that technology did exist and was in U.S. hands, there’d be no recession. Do you realize how profitable this technology would be? Just think of all the life-saving applications. And it certainly would have made Hurricane Katrina and the California fires a cakewalk.

One conspiracist suggested I look up the public patent for the top secret weather machine online. Of course you can get a patent for anything. The patent office is notoriously incompetent. Someone patented toast, for FSM’s sake! There’s also an alleged patent for a time machine; that doesn’t mean a time machine actually exists. If a weather changing machine exists, show me the weather changing machine. Don’t show me some website with an alleged patent for a weather changing machine. It’s not compelling evidence.

And not only do I find this level of technology highly implausible considering where the current science of climatology is but I find the notion that such a billion-dollar project could operate right under everyone’s noses as absurd as the thought of any idiot actually spending billions of dollars on a weather weapon at all when far better weapons already exist for a lot cheaper. Honestly, who the hell needs to cause their enemies to be rained on when they can just drop a missile on them? It’s cheaper, faster, and much, much safer.


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