News From Around The Blogosphere 12.6.09

1. Yet another study invalidates the MMR vaccine causes autism hypothesis – Yup, it’s another bad day to be an anti-vaccinationist. Not only did the study show that MMR vaccines don’t cause autism but if anything, it gives better protection against autism. Of course that last bit is almost certainly just a random anomaly in the study.

2. Frosty The Microscopic Snowman – After centuries of not contributing to society at all, science has finally created something that will profoundly change all of our lives for the better, a snowman a fifth of the width of a human hair. So if you’re wondering how many snowmen can dance on a human hair, the answer is five.

3. NYC’s first annual Skepticamp event has come to an end – Things went fairly smoothly and I got to give a short lecture on arguments and tactics used by anti-vaccinationists and other pseudo-scientists. It was a lot of fun.


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