Bart Simpson’s Scientology ‘Crusade’

As many of you may know, Nancy Cartwright, who famously voices the character of Bart Simpson on The Simpsons has been a $cientologist pretty much since day one of the show’s twenty-season run. Today she’s a high-ranking member.

Well now a new leaked $cientology video intended to only be seen by other $cientologists (like the hilarious Tom Cruise video leaked earlier this year) has emerged promenantly featuring Ms. Cartwright as she delivers a call to arms for $cientologists, telling them, “This is the Crusade.” The video demands nothing short of trying to convert everyone in your neighborhood to $cientology.

Though there’s no inexplicable laughing fits, this video manages to be every bit as creapy, if not more so, than the infamous Tom Cruise video.

My response to Ms. Cartwright:  EAT MY SHORTS!


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