The anti-vaccine movement’s newest hero

My break away from covering anti-vaxxer news stories was going so well. But I guess it couldn’t last forever. Ugh!

The following is a video from a teenager, Robert Wanek, who was allegedly physically assaulted by a school administrator after he tried distributing anti-vaccine propaganda:

Orac goes into greater detail on this story here.

So far I’ve only got one side of the story, so who knows what really happened? Of course it doesn’t really matter because J.B. Handley is this kid’s biggest fan. If the student was genuinely assaulted, then obviously that behavior by a school administrator is completely unacceptable and they should be disciplined and face possible firing. But while that should be the story, it’s not as far as Age of Autism is concerned. To them, this is just further proof that vaccines are poisonous somehow and another chance to exploit someone in order to promote their own media whoredom. You can already tell Handley’s got folk hero aspirations for this kid.

What this story has to do with autism, the topic we’re led to believe Age of “Autism” is supposed to focus on is beyond me, especially since every one of the sentences printed on the sheet of paper the kid is trying to distribute is demonstrably wrong. Apparently, this kid thinks Google University is a substitute for a REAL science education. The kid lives in Minnesota, so maybe PZ Myers can set him straight. And yes, any time I hear about something happening anywhere in Minnesota, PZ Myers is my solution. How big of a state could it be?


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