More poor, persecuted Christians

Salon has published a particularly silly anti-atheist piece by Ada Calhoun, who has some beef with all us atheist meanies. PZ Myers humorously pointed out that you can find Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief hidden within the text. Calhoun’s article centers around a somewhat preposterous narrative of her being a persecuted, closeted Christian among her non-religious New York liberal friends and then proceeds to project her friends’ alleged smugness (though that too I suspect is all in her head) onto every other atheist, particularly those dreaded “New Atheists.”

And her describes their work as if all they did was mock religious (I must have the wrong editions to those books). She even calls the titles of their books (which probably were their publishers’ ideas anyway) childish. I suspect she’s never read more than the title to any of them.

Then the funniest part is that she accuses the atheist Four Horsemen of attacking a straw man:

Writers like Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Victor J. Stenger — and, of course, performers like Bill Maher — get loads of press mocking the dummies gullible enough to believe some guy a couple thousand years ago was God’s son. But come on. It’s like shooting Christian fish car magnets in a barrel.

Um, that’s sort the central tenets of Christian belief, no? If you agree that believing that some guy a couple thousand years ago was “God’s” son is ridiculous, then what are arguing about? It’s really juvenile stuff:  atheists haven’t contributed anything worthwhile to civilization, criticizing ideology is equivalent to racism, etc. Many of the classic canards are there. Nothing new.

And I don’t really get it. If her friends are such douchebags, why doesn’t she just get new friends? And if she’s so persecuted living in pretty much the one place in the country that isn’t dominated by religious nuts, why doesn’t just just move elsewhere to where religious lunacy is admired?

But she’s not the only alleged persecuted Christian. Ken Ham of the Creation “Museum” is upset that Cincinnati Enquirer didn’t post anything about his church’s Christmas programs–err, did I say “his church”? I of course meant his “museum.” How could I have made that error? Yeah Ken, you’re a regular Rosa Parks. How dare those newspaper editors have the audacity to have standards and actually, you know, edit.


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