News From Around The Blogosphere 12.28.09

1. A new study shows that make-up makes women more attractive – And in a related study, large breasts also makes women more attractive.

In their study, they found that men are more attracted to women with more coloring on their face. And they suggest that there is a good biological basis for this fact. They theorize that women with higher levels of estrogen naturally have more color than those with lower levels. And a higher level of estrogen is indicative of a more fertile woman. According to evolutionary theory, men should be inclined to find more fertile women more attractive.

Wow, I just thought it enhanced their appearance.

2. Liberty “University” is fielding an archaeological expedition to dig up Noah’s Ark in Turkey – Wow, they run a real tight ship over there at Liberty “University,” home of the 4,000-year-old dinosaur fossil. Wow! Just wow!

3. The ULTIMATE atheist nightmare:

Again, I would like to ask Bill “I love child rapists” Donohue and Michael “autism’s make believe” Savage what was so offensive in that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode?

4. Liberian manimal fails to show – This is a complicated case, so I recommend just clicking the link, but apparently, some people in Liberia claim there are hunters who have the magical ability to transform themselves into animals themselves. They heard about the James Randi Educational Foundation Million Dollar Challenge and agreed to let investigators see these magical hunters. Of course, then came the excuses:

In the end, it turns out he can’t perform the full transformation in the city, only in forested regions. We offered to drive out of the city, but it seems only in his home county of Nimba can he do so. Nimba will have to wait for my next trip (we have, in fact, a project there) but you’ll forgive me if I haven’t reserved judgment.

Those perpetuating an extraordinary, supernatural claim failing to be able to provide evidence for it? Shocking. [eyes rolling]

5. New report in Australia shows fewer marriages this year – And few of those marriages include a religious component.


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