Ginkgo Biloba fails 6-year study and proves utterly worthless

Worthless paperweight

A six-year study just confirmed what the medical community pretty much already knew, that Ginkgo Biloba does nothing to improve memory at all:

The hot-selling herbal supplement ginkgo biloba doesn’t slow age-related mental decline, a six-year clinical study shows.The study has already shown that ginkgo does not prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly.

. . .

“Compared with placebo, the use of Ginkgo biloba, 120 mg twice daily, did not result in less cognitive decline in older adults with normal cognition or with mild cognitive impairment,” the researchers conclude.

The problem wasn’t potency. The study used the standardized ginkgo extract from Schwabe Pharmaceuticals that is regulated and sold as a medication in Germany.

And the problem wasn’t rigorous testing. Twice a year, the 72- to 96-year-old study participants received a battery of tests that measured various aspects of mental function, including memory, attention, visuospatial abilities, language, and executive function.

Regardless of which mental function was measured, the tests show gingko doesn’t help slow cognitive decline.

The findings echo those of a 2009 Cochrane Review of ginkgo studies that identified no cognitive benefit from the supplement.

BAM! Strike three! You’re out!

Or are you?

The Council for Responsible Nutrition, a group representing the supplement industry, suggests that the DeKosky study “should not be viewed as the final work” on ginkgo.

Oh, did we let overwhelming evidence get in the way of your profits? How careless of us. Please continue to sell crap to people under the misleading notion that it will benefit them in some way.

Here’s what Douglas MacKay, ND had to say:

“As a former practicing licensed naturopathic doctor, I have had the benefit of working with patients and have seen first-hand how Ginkgo biloba can be effective in improving cognitive function,” MacKay says. “I would continue to recommend Ginkgo biloba to older adults as a safe, effective option for supporting cognitive health and would encourage consumers to talk to their own healthcare professional about what is right for them.”

Oh, so you mean you’re going to continue to lie to people in order to profit from them! Here’s my response to Douglas MacKay ND-ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ:  FUCK YOU!! AND FUCK YOUR BULLSHIT, MADE-UP CREDENTIALS!

Your bullshit product does not work any better than a placebo. You have at the very least been informed of the results of many studies that show this to be true. Pretending to not understand what a placebo is so that you can throw up your hands and claim, “but the customers seem to think it works” is unacceptable! If you continue to sell a bogus product while giving customers the impression that it does something that it IN FACT DOES NOT DO, you are both a liar and a crook! And it doesn’t help your position at all to pretend that a half-assed statement telling customers to consider asking a REAL doctor somehow makes selling snake oil morally defensible!

Here, if you want a calmer response to this story, check out Steven Novella’s blog on it or Phil Plait’s.


4 Responses to Ginkgo Biloba fails 6-year study and proves utterly worthless

  1. mira says:

    you are not forced to believe in this herbal medicine. don’t buy if you don’t want.

    • mjr256 says:

      I never claimed I was. What a childish answer to criticism. It’s like telling movie critics nobody forced you to become a movie critic; if you don’t like the movie, you shouldn’t have gone to see it. People have a right to know they’re being scammed and I’m trying to help people not waste their money on a product that doesn’t work. And the efficacy of an alleged health product is not determined by one’s level of belief in it.

      • Mike says:

        Whos the Real CHILD Dude—-Ginkgo has a proven history over Thousands of Years—And PROVEN FACTS That it does help /prevent and cure———One Falsy done research and your convinsed otherwise—what a real dumb ass–

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