Deepak Chopra childishly attacks his critics…again

Last time Deepak Chopra wrote an insipid piece in the Huffington Post attacking his skeptical critics, I blasted him as did everyone else. Now after being challenged by Michael Shermer on Larry King’s show, he’s written yet another rant in the Huff Po against what doo-doo heads us skeptics are. Oh Dee, you’re so cute when you’re agitated.

And amusingly, PZ Myers just reported about a speech Chopra apparently gave at an Astrology conference (Yes, that’s astrology, NOT astronomy). Sadly, I think that was the more rational of the two instances. That’s why I decided it’s more fun to respond to his dopey Huff Po piece:

Dee, show a little self-respect. You’re a grown up & seen by many as some sort of guru. Yet one would never guess this by reading your pieces in the Huff Po, which simply fling vitriolic insults at your critics. Are you twelve?

For some1 who touts himself as “open-minded” & a person seeking understanding, you make an awfully bad attempt to understand where your critics are coming from or, you know, even what their criticisms are. Instead of accepting the possibility that you may not understand science as well as you think you do or even show a willingness to take some responsibility for being misunderstood, you act like a child screaming that he only got an F because his teacher hates him. The skeptical community has gone into great length to explain where you’re wrong on the science on countless occasions & you’ve yet to ever offer a legitimate rebuttal.

Instead of even considering that they may have some valid points or have good reason to be unconvinced by your arguments, you irrationally declare they’re just close-minded zombies who wouldn’t accept your claims no matter how much evidence you present. It’s a classic gambit used by those w/ no evidence at all. But appeals to hypothetical evidence that may arrive in the future is not a legitimate form of argument, nor legitimate science.

Whether some sort of spiritual realm exists no one can definitively say. The only realm that can be verified empirically to exist is the material one. & if you’re rejecting materialism then I challenge you to prove it by leaping out of the nearest 30-story window. I suspect you won’t accept just as I suspect that you enter buildings through doorways instead of by trying to walk through the walls. I suspect you lock your doors at night, see a doctor when you’re sick, look both ways before crossing the street, use a seat belt, & any number of behaviors that are entirely pointless within your non-materialist ideology.


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