News From Around The Blogosphere 1.2.09

1. Plot to kill famous Danish cartoonist thwarted – Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist whose work, including depictions of the Prophet Muhammed, outraged Danish Muslims so much that violent riots broke out, was almost murdered by a Muslim on Friday. The would-be killer tried to break into Westergaard’s home and was armed with a knife and an ax. Westergaard’s 5-year-old granddaughter was also in the home. When the cops arrived, the intruder pulled his ax on them, which led to them shooting him.

2. Kim Stagliano of Age of Autism reads the papers; she just deliberately chooses to misunderstand them – Here’s another hilarious piece from AoA, where the writer seems determined to reinterpret objective criticism against their batshit insane ideology to read things that aren’t in the article. She’s responding specifically to the USA Today article about the dangers of celebrities giving people medical advice, which mentioned the anti-vaccinationist movement. Kimmy seems to think that a double standard exists because the news media never criticizes celebrities that encourage people to seek legitimate medical treatment. And for once, I agree with Age of Autism. There really is a double standard. How dare the media not criticize celebrities when they offer good medical advice that saves lives?! For instance, I once heard a celebrity endorse seat belts and airbags even though something like one in a million people die each year from seat belts and airbags. The news media should be ashamed of itself for having standards!

3. Where atheists stand next to Christians in terms of charity:

We need to step up our game.


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