Atheists welcomed to NYC Mayor’s ‘Interfaith’ breakfast

Atheists were given a warm reception at the NYC Mayor’s ‘Interfaith’ breakfast. While I’m currently living back in my home state of New Jersey, I did live in NYC when attending university and still spend all my time there. So I feel like it is my city. Which is why stories like this make me a proud New Yorker. And I’m glad Michael Bloomberg is still mayor:

After thanking the assembled religious leaders for coming, Mr. Bloomberg addressed the delegates from New York City Atheists, New York’s division of American Atheists, in the first paragraph of his remarks in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library on the slushy morning of Dec. 31.

“I also want to welcome, for the first time, those who don’t profess a faith but who do love our city,” the mayor said.

And Bloomberg wasn’t alone. It seems everyone else there was happy to include atheists.  I just wish someone could have gotten off a kind of Last Supper-looking image from the event.


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