Barbara Loe Fisher is insane

Don’t try to sue me for libel just yet, Barb. That’s not intended as an insult nor is it intended to damage your “reputation” [LOL]. It’s an objective assessment of the paranoid, incoherent ramblings you display in the following video.

Really Barbara. I want to help you. You really should see professional help. And no, I don’t mean Jenny McCarthy. I mean a full team of trained psychiatrists working around the clock to figure out the nature of your malfuncture and how to fix the problem.

But I also have to ask a question. How do you sue your critics to silence their criticism of your fearmongering and then turn around to insist that its they who are the fearmongerers for saying vaccines are NOT dangerous and trying to silence your criticism when they’ve clearly done no such thing, as evidenced from the very video you’re produced where you use your voice to suggest your voice has been suppressed? It’s just a question.

Here’s Orac’s take.


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