Mike Adams is a giant tool

Okay, if you know who Mike Adams is and aren’t delusional then you already knew he was a giant tool. Adams is most known for his anti-medicine and pro-“alternative” “medicine” articles on NaturalNews.com as well as his self-appointed role as the “Health Ranger.” The guy has a reputation amongst the sane as being one of the craziest mofo’s on the planet.

But none of this is news. What is news is that Adams has just posted an unintentionally hilarious rant against his skeptical critics that’s just chock full of logical fallacies, childish insults, and utter nonsense. Now detailed responses from more established skeptics with far more patience than myself have already been posted here and here. But I just wanted to point to my favorite gem from Adams right at the start of his article, which perfectly sums up the kind of inanity one should expect to find in the whole piece:

What skeptics really believe

I thought it would be interesting to find out exactly what “skeptics” actually believe, so I did a little research and pulled this information from various “skeptic” websites. What I found will make you crack up laughing so hard that your abs will be sore for a week. Take a look…

• Skeptics believe that ALL vaccines are safe and effective (even if they’ve never been tested), that ALL people should be vaccinated, even against their will, and that there is NO LIMIT to the number of vaccines a person can be safely given. So injecting all children with, for example, 900 vaccines all at the same time is believed to be perfectly safe and “good for your health.”

What skeptics? Where? I would really like Adams to source his claims and point to a single prominent skeptic who claims that “ALL” vaccines are perfectly safe, that everyone should be forced against their will to get vaccinated, and that there’s “NO LIMIT” to the number of vaccines a person can be safely given.” This last item on the list is just an obvious distortion of a statement Paul Offit made in response to a specific erroneous accusation and not literally something he or any other rational person would recommend. And no one who’s even moderately intelligent should have so greatly misunderstood unless that misunderstanding was on purpose.

The section of this article that’s available for free is full of equally erroneous claims about “what skeptics believe” and reminds me of a line in Revenge of the Sith:

“Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

Any time you see someone using absolutist statements about what their critics believe, it’s usually a good red flag that they’re misrepresenting their critics’ position. Skeptics believe that “ALL” vaccines are safe? Really? Shit. I didn’t get the memo.


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