Stephen Baldwin would rather see his daughter die than lie about Jesus

Just when you thought Stephen Baldwin couldn’t get any crazier than when he said that “God” was responsible for the film Biodome for the purpose of giving Baldwin an audience to preach the gospel, now he apparently said on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother that he would rather see his daughter die than lie about Jesus:

If someone pointed a machine gun at my daughter and said: “Say Jesus doesn’t exist” and if she turned to me and asked: “What do I do?”, I’d say: “What have I taught you to do?” And she’d say: “Jesus absolutely exists.” And I’d see her in heaven.

Wow. Just wow. Alex, Billy, and the other one really need to knock some sense into him. This is just repulsive.

5 Responses to Stephen Baldwin would rather see his daughter die than lie about Jesus

  1. Sprawn says:

    Stephen Baldwin is an almost ideal case of a sociopath who needs religion to contain his almost uncontrollable urges. If he weren’t “preaching” the gospel of “awesomeness”, he’d be snorting every white powder in existence up his nose in between bouts of all-night, lights-out jet skiing on Lake Havasu. What these people never seem to realize is that just because they need their fairy-tale buddy Jesus to keep from popping every pill and banging every hooker within grasp, doesn’t mean that everyone else does. At least on this point, Baldwin seems to (sort of) get it.

    I like the fairy-tale world these people live in where Psycho atheists are donning black ski masks and machine guns on a perpetual manhunt for the righteous. You’re the ones with the book that talks about killing your own children on every other page, not us. For supposedly peace-loving people, they spend a lot of time fantasizing about “unavoidable” situations in which their children are murdered.

  2. Andy says:

    Holy shit. Who the hell says that to their kid?!

    Oh, well I guess God did before he let his kid get stabbed, bludgeoned, and stoned before his crucifixion. But seriously, other than that, who the hell says that to their kid?

  3. J. James says:

    B-b-but… religion is a force for good… right?

    Sprawn – your description was spot on.

  4. Charles Marta says:

    Abraham was instructed by the angel of the Lord to kill Isaac his beloved long awaited for son, Abraham was just about to kill his son Isaac as the angel commanded him to do, then just before the killing blow the angel of the Lord stayed Abrahams hand. Abraham was obedient to the Lord & trusted that the Lord could raise many sons for him.

  5. […] Stephen Baldwin said he’d rather see his daughter die than lie about Jesus, earning him a solid nomination in the douchebag of the year awards. […]

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