Wyoming school district against tolerance posters

A Wyoming school district pulled down a bunch of posters promoting tolerance, which is a concept they don’t tolerate in Wheatland – It seems that because one of the sponsors listed on the poster is the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, that’s just unacceptable:

“The board thought it was inappropriate to have that sponsorship hanging up in the school,” said Stuart Nelson, the district’s superintendent.

The banners, which had been allowed by district administrators, were removed after complaints. Some students asked to have them put back up, but the board refused.

Apparently, offensiveness only goes one way, the fascist way.

Joe Fabian, another board member, said he believes the Anti-Defamation League is pushing an “agenda that is pro-gay marriage” and that the community of Wheatland is not supportive of that.

“No Place For Hate” –Of course! How could I have missed all that evil gay propaganda? Tolerance is the gateway drug to destroying the other 50% of marriages that wouldn’t otherwise end in divorce. It all makes sense now! MORON!!!

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