Fighting emotional appeals with emotional appeals

Like every other group of cranks, the anti-vaccine movement makes up for their total lack of supporting evidence with emotional appeals. They know that they can exploit a single vaccine injury (or even a bogus vaccine injury) to sell fear and that this is far more persuasive than statistical data looking at tens of thousands of people.

But those on the side of science can play that game too. Dana McCaffery turned one year old today.

Or at least she should have turned one year old today. Dana died of pertussis when she was just four weeks old because she was unfortunately just too young to be vaccinated against it and not enough people around her were vaccinated to protect her by way of herd immunity.

If more people in her community had only been vaccinated Dana would be alive today.

I’ll say it again. The infant you see in the picture above is dead because selfish, superstitious people chose not to vaccinate themselves. This is why we fight. The stakes are life or death.

And right now British Columbia is facing an outbreak of pertussis due to low vaccination with nineteen confirmed cases.

When Desiree Jennings was reported to allegedly have suffered a serious motor disorder from a vaccine (though this later turned out to be unrelated to vaccines), the folks at Generation Rescue like J.B. Handley came out to comfort her and swore to cure her. Well, when will J.B. Handley show up to comfort Dana McCaffery’s family? Where’s Jenny McCarthy? Nowhere to be found when the injury is the result of a lack of vaccines.

Dana McCaffery is just one of many. The anti-vaccine movement have a body count. And every day they spread their misinformation is another day that another child might die.

And even if your own child is vaccinated, there’s no guarantee that the vaccine will be effective enough without herd immunity.

Now you know what is at stake. You’ve seen the face of  one of the anti-vaccine movement’s victims.

So now the question is what are you going to do about it?


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