News From Around The Blogosphere 2.3.10

1. UFO sighting in Lake Saint Louis has more mundane explanation – A number of people reported something mysterious in the sky. It had flashing lights in multiple colors and looked like a flying saucer. And then it vanished in the night sky. At first it seemed like no one could explain it. Until of course, someone did:

The answer lies with Paul Bauer, 51, an inventor and electrical engineer who lives across a narrow cove from Cole and Hogrebe.

Bauer was testing one of his latest devices Saturday night: a remote-controlled helium balloon. The 6-foot-diameter balloon with a ring of flashing, colored LED lights was hovering 100 feet in the air and tied to his truck trailer. It hit a tree branch as Bauer was guiding it down and deflated.

“It’s just an experiment to see if it would look good as an advertising balloon,” said Bauer, who hopes to sell it to businesses looking for high visibility.

“It had the effect that I was looking for,” he said.

Now what were the odds that someone would have figured out this precise explanation if they didn’t find the man who was responsible? My guess is that few could have reasonably come up with this particular explanation because of its unusual nature. So what does this teach us? Perhaps that unless we live in Africa, if we hear hoofs clopping outside, we’re probably better off first expecting it to come from a horse instead of a zebra.

2. 26 congresspeople petition Boy Scouts to end ban on gays – This move was motivated by a recent case in Vermont where a lesbian couple were forbidden to enter their 10-year-old son into the Scouts for fear they would “push their lifestyle on the boys.” As a private organization, the Boy Scouts can legally discriminate as much as they want, so long as they’re not collecting any tax-payer money. However, I’m now sure whether they are or not. If they are taking federal money then congress can do far more and force them to not discriminate. But if the Boy Scouts don’t collect any money from the government, they can legally do what they want, so merely asking them to reconsider is about as far as government officials may be able to go.

3. Beware of the Sheepman!

A Turkish sheep has given birth to a dead calf with the face of a human being. The eyes, nose, and lips are remarkably anthropomorphic, though its ears are quite sheep-like.

. . .

But that wasn’t the case way back in the dark ages of last September, when a similarly mutated goat was born in Zimbabwe. This one was alive for several hours before being murdered by frightened villagers. The local governor declared the goat an abominable man-beast created via evil bestiality.

Yeah, further proof that Mary Shelley was dead on. People are superstitious assholes! And did anyone else think the sheep looked remarkably like Mr. Garrison?

4. Age of Autism launches “vaccine” “news” site – A site devoted to criticizing vaccines? But don’t they already have that site? And what do vaccines have to do with their alleged mission to fight autism? It’s almost like their autism mission is a sham that’s merely designed to further their real endgame, to smear the reputation of vaccines.


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