Dr. Oz wins his way back into my good graces

More wishy-washy on vaccines than I’d prefer but it’s good to see Dr. Oz undeniably telling parents to get their kids vaccinated. The man would make a good politician (not really a compliment).

Unfortunately, there are just some people who will ideologically oppose vaccines no matter what, as evident from the comments on Age of Autism:

“interesting. It’s obvious that Dr. Oz is watching what he says and yet to have any public credibility he is saying that there may be problems with vaccines. Doctors must be terrified of speaking out about it especially now after what they did to Wakefield and the other doctors.”

Another commenter remarked about Oz being just a TV doctor as if they’d be any more willing to accept a vaccine endorsement from all those millions of non-TV doctors. I complain about Oz being a TV doctor who often misleads the public too but when his position clearly mostly aligns with the scientific consensus, that comment can’t be taken seriously.

From another commenter:

“Thanks for clearing up the whole “should I vaccinate or should I not” issue for me Doc.”

Yup, like every denialist, if you don’t feed them black and white, it’s just too complicated for their feeble minds to comprehend. How dare science have nuance!


2 Responses to Dr. Oz wins his way back into my good graces

  1. Michelle says:

    Ok – so Dr. Oz. isn’t pure, unadulterated evil but he sure is a whack job and I don’t like his stance on “alternative medicine”.

    Plus, what the hell is up with him wearing scrubs all the time?

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