Anne Mitchell tried for the crime of whistle-blowing?

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This is a terrible story about a woman who is being penalized for speaking out against a doctor who performs questionable, if not outright criminal practices. I recommend reading PalMD’s blog and Orac’s blog for insight into this case. All I have to contribute is to add to the growing list of people who find this story to be a disgrace to our legal system and to civil rights in general.

If this case rules in favor of Rolando Arafiles, this sets an incredibly bad precedent, which is important because our legal system is founded on the principle of stare decisis, the doctrine that once a court has decided one way on a particular issue in the past, it and other courts in the same jurisdiction will likely rule the same way in the future given a similar set of facts unless the court can be convinced that the precedent must be changed.


One Response to Anne Mitchell tried for the crime of whistle-blowing?

  1. […] Mitchell update: justice prevails Just yesterday I heard about this story for the first time. Anne Mitchell, a nurse who anonymously blew the whistle on an irresponsible doctor, was tracked […]

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