News From Around The Blogosphere 2.24.10

Janet Stemwedel

1. Animal Rights Terrorists endanger lives – PZ Myers, Orac, PalMD , and Orac again have all blogged about this story. After participating in a panel discussion on the ethics of animal research, Janet Stemwedel’s home address and phone number were leaked on an animal rights terrorist site, aptly named “Negotiation is over!” That should give you a hint of how rational these folks are, especially considering that her efforts were intended to reach out to those concerned about animal testing. And another participant, Dr. Ringach, had his children threatened by these cowards. You can find much more detail on this on Orac’s first post linked to above.

2. Atheist bus ad rejected in New Zealand – NZ Bus suddenly canceled plans to put up the ad because it they say it was too controversial. What did it say? “There’s Probably No God. Now Stop Worrying And Enjoy Your Life.” Wow, that’s real controversial.

3. Illinois Family Institute complaining again – They’re protesting The Day of Silence, a a student-run initiative where school students remain silence on behalf of the members of the GLBT community who have been forced to be silent about their sexual orientation. So what’s their brilliant response to this initiative?

Parents should call their middle and high school administrators and ask one question: Are students permitted to refuse to speak in class on the DOS? If the answer is yes, or if it is evasive or unclear, call your child or children out of school on April 16.

Yes, take the kids out of school so they won’t be heard in class. Good thinking! Down with tolerance!

4. Actor Mark Ruffalo tells how as a child he pretended to get “knocked out by the spirit of the Lord” just to appease his family:

5. Christian charity stealing money from the children? – There’s a civil war going on within the Christian charity, Feed the Children between Rev. Larry Jones, the charity’s founder and spokesman, and the Board of Directors, led by Jones’ daughter Larri Sue.

Jones claims Larri Sue used charity money to pay for her lavish Los Angeles home and tried to cover up her own tax evasion. The Board and Larri Sue claim Jones and his wife are the real thieving liars, skimming money off the top of donations for themselves and bugging executive offices. Jones fired his daughter from the charity and all Board members who opposed him. A court ruling reinstated all of them, then Larri Sue fired her father. Then the Board claimed to find incest porn in Jones’ office. Then Jones’ claimed Board members sent around racist and sexually charged emails! And while all this is going down, there are serious questions as to whether or not Feed the Children is doing any charity work at all in Haiti, which it has claimed to be doing since the recent earthquake.

6. Does this robot freak you out as much as it does me? – Engineers at UC San Diego’s Machine Perception Laboratory made a robot baby to simulate the motor skills and development of a human one-year-old. It can hold a bottle, stand up in a chair, and scare the shit out of you by just looking at it.


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