Ken Ham now runs a traveling circus

Ken Ham is taking his little side show known as the Creation “Museum” on the road. The Friendly Atheist seems to think this is a bad thing.

I disagree.

Now those previously prevented by distance from seeing P.T. Ham’s Greatest Show on Earth will be able to experience his collection of freaks first-hand.

Let’s face it. Ham’s little attraction is not on its own going to change anyone’s mind. The only people who will come out convinced are those who walked in already convinced along with their unfortunately indoctrinated kids, to which this will merely reinforce the brainwashing that’s already taking place.

So what makes this makes this a good thing is it will likely draw more attention to Ham’s “Museum,” which I want possibly more than Ken Ham. Often when fanatics push too much it leads to an even greater push back. For instance, history may ultimately find that Prop 8 was the best thing to ever happen to the Marriage Equality Movement.

I think this would be a great call to arms for creationist critics to rally together via the internet to organize regional sneak attacks on Ham’s traveling freak show using Anonymous’ war on $cientology as a model. I’m not afraid of Ham’s “Museum” and nobody else should be either.


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