Sue the Woo

1. ‘Visionary healer’ faces prosecution for bogus cancer cure claims

Adrian Pengelly, 43, is accused of violating the Cancer Act 1939, which states that it is illegal to advertise offers to treat cancer.

He describes himself on his website as a “visionary healer, energy worker, teacher and psychic” who has “become world-famous for treating people with cancer”.

2. Chelation doctors sued for bogus autism treatment

Coman alleged in Cook County Circuit Court that Usman and Rossignol prescribed “medically unnecessary and unjustified” chelation treatments, designed to force the body to excrete toxic metals, even though the child did not suffer from heavy metal poisoning. The treatments carry a risk of kidney failure, the lawsuit alleges.

3. Psychic sued for securities fraud – “Psychic” Sean David Morton claimed to have predicted the exact specifics of the stock market’s rises and falls. And used those claims to make some money. So the SEC sued him. Here’s what their accusations are:

Morton claimed that he would use his psychic expertise to provide investment guidance to his investing team, and falsely touted his historical success in psychically predicting the various rises and falls of the market. Morton further claimed that he would use the pooled funds to trade in foreign currencies and distribute pro rata the trading profits among the investors. However, Morton lied to investors about his past successes, and about key aspects of the Delphi Investment Group, including the use of investor funds and the liquidity of the funds, and that the profits in the accounts were audited and certified.


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