Catholic sex scandals episode 20,000

Yup, it’s that time again. No, not for the Wheel of Morality. That comes at the end. It’s time for more sex scandals, courtesy of everyone’s favorite church.

1. A senor aide to the Pope and a Vatican chorister have been removed from their posts following allegations they were involved in a homosexual prostitution ring – One of the two, Angelo Balducci, was known as “a Gentleman to His Holiness.”

Police had been tapping his phone in connection with a corruption inquiry, when they heard about the sex ring.

2. And in New Haven, Connecticut a man is suing retired New York Cardinal Edward Egan and other Catholic church officials – The plaintiff, Brooks Thopsey, claims to have been molested at St. Theresa’s Church in Trumbull by a priest, John Castaldo, who was hired after being expelled from the seminary for being psychologically disturbed.

Egan’s spokesman has denied he ignored warning signs.

Of course he denied it. It’s actually part of Church doctrine to remain silent on such matters and to lie to protect the the reputation of the Church.

3. And then finally there’s the German school scandal, where “new revelations of child abuse by Roman Catholic priests at German high schools are surfacing almost daily.”

First it was seven alumni of the prestigious Canisius Kolleg prep school in Berlin. Then it was Aloisius Kolleg in Bonn and then St. Blasien, another Jesuit-run boarding school in the Black Forest as well as other Catholic schools in Hamburg, Goettingen and Hildesheim.

Just days ago, the renowned boarding schools Ettal Monastery and St. Ottilien in Bavaria made headlines when allegations about child molestation by Benedictine priests there surfaced. The total number of alleged victims has reached at least 150.

Once again, it should not be just the atheists who are enraged by this. Again, I call on all Catholics to officially exit the Church and renounce it not only for the heinous crimes of its employees but the now well-documented cover-ups from the highest levels of the Church of these atrocities.

4. In Camden, New Jersey a priest was removed from his post after reports of rape from 29 years ago

The report said Camden Diocese took the action against Rev. Brendan V. Sullivan, 75, who worked in parishes in Margate, Absecon and Ventnor, and was a former principal at Holy Spirit High School. Sullivan confirmed the incident to the newspaper, which came to light in February after a 43-year-old man made a call to toll-free hotline to report the abuse that he said occurred when he was 14.

So now it’s that time again for the Wheel of Morality! Wheel of Morality, turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn. Moral number

Go to And if after all looking at the evidence, you still don’t dissociate yourself from this criminal organization, then you are contributing to it.


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