Dobson Gets Kick Out Of Focus On The Family

It seems that James Dobson is no longer going to be a part of Focus on the Family as they want to head in a less confrontational direction:

Now I know many are celebrating but I think, as an atheist activist, this is bad news. I love guys like Dobson and the Westboro Baptist Church because they behave so irrationally and are so over the top in their utter contempt of anything that doesn’t fit their ideologies that they’ve been a fundamental component in helping the decline of American evangelism as well as the rise and success of American atheism over the past few years.

And I guess it also probably helped the rise of vague, wishy-washy, Avatar-like, New Age religions as well because these guys are such douchebags that it turns people off and sends them running for some alternative that doesn’t involve having to become a suicide bomber.

But with Oral Roberts gone and Dobson canned, there’s no need to mourn the end of an era just yet. There’s a lot more fiery Dobsons out there to send people running from Christianity and organized religion in general:  Pat Robertson, Steven L. Anderson, Rick Warren, The Westboro Baptist Church, Bill Donohue, these tools here:

Yup, there’s plenty more Jesus fish in the see to fuel this new Enlightenment, or Glorious Dawn, for many years to come.


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