More downplaying of Catholic child rape

Last year I wrote about Bill Donohue’s disgraceful downplaying of the decades of child abuse in a Catholic-run school and defense of the rapists themselves. Now someone else, Andrew Brown, has written his own defense of child abusers in the Church entitled “Catholic child abuse in proportion.” Here’s a taste:

Certainly the safeguards against paedophilia in the priesthood are now among the tightest in the world. That won’t stop a steady trickle of scandals; but I think that objectively your child is less likely to be abused by a Catholic or Anglican priest in the west today than by the members of almost any other profession.

Let’s see what the Bishop Accountability site has to say about that. By all means show me another profession with such an incredibly long list of child abuse.

It’s people like Andrew Brown who almost make me wish a Hell did exist.

[UPDATE: I’m afraid I made a major mistake in this article. I initially stated that Andrew Brown was a Catholic because, quite frankly, I thought who else would so passionately defend child rapists within the Catholic Church. But a commenter corrected me and I looked into it myself. Sadly, Brown considers himself an atheist but seems to be of the self-hating variety.]


3 Responses to More downplaying of Catholic child rape

  1. DB says:

    Andrew Brown is certainly a nasty piece of work, but he isn’t a Catholic. In fact, he isn’t even a Christian. That’s one of the strange things.

    He actually says he’s an atheist, although he hates what he terms ‘New Atheism’ and is basically one of those people who says, “I now I don’t need religion, but all the poor ignorant masses do – it’s the backbone of society and brings people hope, comfort and morality’.

    Which in a way, makes it all the more shocking that he could write such drivel.

    • mjr256 says:

      Wow, if that’s true then I’m sorry to jumped to the conclusion that he was a Catholic. Who’d think anyone but a Catholic would make such an absurd defense for child raping priests?

  2. […] figures started responding by playing down the significance of their crimes with the always popular “everyone else is doing” defense. Then came the even more popular “blame the parents” defense. Then came the […]

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