News From Around The Blogosphere 3.17.10

1. Hawaii considering new law to ignore Obama Birthers – But isn’t that exactly what you’d expect them to do if Obama was really from Kenya/Canada/Mars? Kidding. Yeah, as silly as the Birthers seem they really do waste a lot of public officials’ time that could be better spent actually doing their jobs. And most of those wasting the time of Hawaiian officials aren’t even residents of the state:

But the state still gets between 10 and 20 e-mails seeking verification of Obama’s birth each week, most of them from outside Hawaii, Kim said Tuesday.

A few of these requesters continue to pepper the Health Department with the same letters seeking the same information, even after they’re told state law bars release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who does not have a tangible interest. Responding wastes time and money, Kim said.

Both Fukino and the state registrar of vital statistics have verified that the Health Department holds Obama’s original birth certificate.

So considering the public has already seen official legal documents proving Obama’s Hawaiian birth, these people still refuse to accept the overwhelming evidence, and this is a frivolous waste of time, money, and resources I support this bill. Now if only we could pass a bill to get the federal government to ignore creationists, antivaxxers, and 9/11 deniers.

2. Latinos fleeing Catholicism – And the number of Latinos who claim to be unaffiliated with any religion has increased from 6.4% to 12.4% between 1990 and 2008.

3. Atheist ad vandalized – Fortunately, it wasn’t vandalized all that well:

You can tell a real criminal mastermind was at work here.


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