‘Age of Autism’ takes a swing (and a miss) at Chris Mooney

Jake Crosby

The other day I wrote a lengthy piece on The Gotham Skeptic that addressed the numerous public defeats of the anti-vaccine movement lately in the media, in the scientific realm, and in the courtroom. And in that piece I expressed the opinion that their movement may have reached their peek last year and has begun the process of decline.

And since writing that story, I’ve at least seen a few mainstream media stories that made me consider whether or not I’d spoken too soon. But I still don’t think that I have. And Age of Autism’s latest post by my old friend Jake Crosby seems to reinforce my original contention in the Gotham Skeptic article. If this hit piece against Chris Mooney by Crosby is the best they can do and is seriously what the anti-vaxxers view as a well-written and well-reasoned article, they’re in bigger trouble than I thought.

Crosby’s piece is blatantly devoid of substance. It’s one of the silliest, most asinine examples of a public hissy fit I’ve ever seen. Once again he return to his famous scare quotes around the word “Science” in name of the popular blog site ScienceBlogs. . .even though even he recognizes that Mooney writes for Discovery, not ScienceBlogs, making the constant references to ScienceBlogs pointless and inappropriate.

And once again he makes baseless, potentially libelous conspiracy accusations without any provocation other than Mooney disagrees with him. Crosby also goes out of his way to point out that last time he criticized Mooney, Mooney never bothered to directly respond to him in a way that attempts to suggest Mooney can’t respond to him. Of course what these delusional egotists in the anti-vaccine movement fail to realize is that their empty conspiracy accusations are not worthy of a response.

Oh, and Crosby also throws scare quotes around a bunch of other words because that’s his idea of insightful and witty commentary.

Hard to believe. . .

Jake Crosby is a college student with Asperger Syndrome at Brandeis University, and contributing editor to Age of Autism

I bow to Jake Crosby’s amazingly impressive credentials. Why can’t I lack even a Bachelor’s Degree while confidently professing greater medical knowledge than every reputable medical organization on the planet?

Stop Jenny McCarthy.


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