Health care plan passes in the House!

Okay, it’s far from perfect and by the time we analyze all the fixes, it probably won’t amount to all that much progress. But it will definitely improve the lives of some people, so for now I’m taking tonight to naively celebrate the fact that it’s gotten this far. It only passed passed by 220 to 211, but it passed. So now we can finally start the real work. But I don’t want to let the politics of this issue distract from what this all means objectively. So here’s PalMD’s take on health care reform from before it passed.

The other disappointment regarding this victory though is that Rush Limbaugh isn’t leaving the country as he promised:

Speaking on his radio show, the conservative host clarified his earlier statement by saying that he will just travel to Costa Rica to receive private medical treatment if reform is passed, not move there permanently

There you go. Undeniable proof that Rush is a lying blowhard who lacks the courage to stand behind his own empty rhetoric and bravado.


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