Fighting hate with charity

This is a great example of how to use religious hatred against them to make the world a better place. The WBC know how to get attention. That’s the one thing they do right. It’s about time we started someone thought of a way to piggyback on their media whoring and turn their bigotry into opportunity:

Thanks Westboro Baptist Church!

One Response to Fighting hate with charity

  1. Terry Stone says:

    I think there is another aspect of this discussion and is the power that the religious community has by virture of “passing the plate.” They decide who gets the money, what values are supported, and usually with very little input from those who drop in their dollars.

    Because of this imbalance, The Foundation Beyond Belief ( was created to respond to this issue. It is a site where atheist, humanists, nonbelievers make donations to charities that are selected because their world view is in tune with ours. Believers pass the plate, we can go to The Foundation. 100% of all donations go to the charities that we choose, with a $9 annual fee being used to pay the very small staff and web costs (also funded by some grants).
    And the best part is that atheists, humanists, etc. can choose exactly what charity gets how much and have input into the charities picked each quarter.

    Please, everyone, visit the site and help make the Foundation a real voice in the real world, so we can unite our voices and our dollars. Help spread the word, share this cause on your social media pages! The Foundation is truly good-hearted, transparent, and a great idea! We’re scrambling to make this idea a real power in the world.

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