News From Around The Blogosphere 3.27.10

This bitch is going to kill us all

1. An anti-anti-vaccine piece published in the least likely place…the Huff Po – Yes, that’s right. A few weeks after publishing Jenny McCarthy‘s incoherent rant against her critics they finally post a response.

And on a related note, this amused me:

2. Heidi Montag fires former “psychic” and manager – I don’t even really know who Heidi Montag is but this story made me laugh. My favorite part of this article:

“Everything was perfectly fine until I received a call from Access Hollywood telling me I was fired,” Chase said in a statement to Access on Friday. “She used the media to tell me I was fired.”

Maybe she fired you because you were as shitty a manager as you obviously are a psychic.

3. But on a related note, TLC aka the channel formally known as “The Learning Channel” is introducing a new show, Paranormal Court

Robert Hansen, a psychic medium famous among people who believe in psychic mediums, will mediate disputes between family members squabbling over possessions left behind by the deceased.

What a lovely “fuck you” to all those millions of legal professionals who spent years actually studying and practicing law. Who needs legal credentials when you’ve got imaginary psychic powers and TV producers willing to shoot you on camera.

4. And lastly, another fun video:

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