Australian Vaccination Network still struggling

AVN leader Meryl Dorey

Back in December, the anti-vaccination group, the  Australian Vaccination Network (AVN – yes, that’s their actual acronym), and its founder Meryl Dorey ran into a problem. They became subjects of an investigation by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission:

The AVN is accused of ‘engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct with the intent of persuading parents not to vaccinate their children,’ by Ken McLeod, a member of a group known as Stop the AVN.

. . .

And while the commission may take several more months to complete itsinvestigation, the ABC last month released a statement to say that information supplied by Mrs Dorey which was broadcast on ABC Mid-North Coast local radio in September was found to be misleading.

. . .

The investigation found the use of these statistics, about whooping cough, was misleading as they were ‘drawn from different data sets and related to different groups of children’.

The statistics were also presented as vaccination rates for 1991, when they were, in fact, for 2001, the ABC said.

It was also around this time that Dorey started begging for money on behalf of the AVN, which was allegedly going bankrupt.

And now new reports are coming in that suggest Dorey and the AVN are still in dire straits. Allegedly, parenting magazines, home of their primary demographic, are refusing to publish AVN advertisements. Now the intended ad would have cost $8000, which Dorey was all ready to pay, which raises an important question:

At question here is how the AVN came to have a spare $8000, after their recent donation drive initiated apparently to keep them from going under. Meryl apparently needed the cash to cover debts, so just a few weeks later she has enough in the coffers to blow eight grand on advertising?

Will someone soon be banging down Dorey’s door to break her thumbs in the near future? Who knows? Given the news I reported last week that the AVN is now selling $cientology propaganda films, nothing would surprise me anymore.


One Response to Australian Vaccination Network still struggling

  1. Kenny says:

    There is more to this than first meets the eye. Dorey has been appealing for money to pay for advertising in the Child magazine, then went quiet.

    Later the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing, (who administer the Charitable Fundraising Act) decided to conduct an audit, largely in reponse to the Bounty Bags Fraud.

    Of course, the OLGR would take a dim view of a supposed “charity” counducting fundraising appeals without spending the donated funds on the purpose for which they were given. In fact it is an offence under the Act.


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